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Thread: One Community

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    Lightbulb One Community


    One Community is creating open source and free-shared resource-solutions for Highest Good food, energy, housing, education, for-profit and non-profit economics design, social architecture, fulfilled living, stewardship practices and more. The resources we are creating can be implemented as individual components or complete teacher/demonstration hubs intentionally purposed to spin-off additional teacher/demonstration hubs as awareness and knowledge grow.

    One Community is being designed as the first of these hubs, functioning as an experiential learning model that facilitates mass participation in simultaneously addressing the most pressing challenges of our species through:

    A duplicable model solution that creates additional solution creating models
    Building 7 completely different duplicable self-sufficient village/city prototypes
    Becoming the #1 provider in the world of open source and free-shared solutions
    Redefining sustainability both as an open source and a Highest Good of All industry
    Evolving and expanding ALL aspects of comprehensively sustainable infrastructure and living

    By showing people the individual benefits this approach provides, and making it easy enough, affordable enough, and helping others to replicate it, we will facilitate positive and permanent global change that will benefit all life on our planet. These images give a nice visual overview of the breadth and scope of our design work and plans: (click HERE to read more)


    Note: It is a huge website so it will take a while to get into so take it slow and take your time. They are looking for all kinds of different positions. I am sure there is something here for everyone that one can participate in. I have already found a few subjects I can help and already helping in the law side along side many others. It is a growing community and growing FAST!
    I believe TZM associating with this group would be a great benefit to our cause. Check it out yourself!
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    I've had some time to revisit One Community and I'm kinda surprised this site didn't get more interest from TZM said by RedPillTalk....its right up our alley and its 'already' involved 'doing' things.....they're not just re-inventing the wheel or talking about doing.....but TAKING ACTION ON A GLOBAL SCALE...
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