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Thread: What is Political Economy?

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    Reality checks w/ results that may challenge the mind;

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    Quote Originally Posted by droneBEE View Post
    Actually the questions were answered a long ago..Only the debating continues..
    How can this debate continue to go on if these questions have been answered already

    Is this knowledge kept hidden, obstructed, not made understandable, ignored etc ...

    If a lot of people already understand these things but continue to debate on more contemporary trains of thought, what does that say about the Human thinking pattern? Is this just another example of doing the Same thing(debating) over & over again and expecting a different result ..... insanity? How can this information be presented to the Masses where it stays Planted in their brains?

    The more I think about it, the Crazier it all seems to get. If we've had these answers to these questions all along, are we then even able to ever fully grasp these understandings about ourselves & the World? like WTF!!

    this sheet can make your head explode if you think about it too much
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