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Thread: New Documentary Overpriced

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    Lightbulb New Documentary Overpriced

    There is a new documentary called Overpriced, with solutions to replace fossil fuels with Hemp. Trillions of dollars could benefit the economy so everyone could be free to grow cannabis/Hemp.
    References are provided at the end of the film. With some people skeptical about anything being able to replace fossil fuels, should be interesting for people to do research and actually look at the references, we can make biodegradable energy from Hemp And replace fossil fuels! The cost of electricity could be cheaper, make clean burning electricity with Hemp biomass! Amazing how far technology has come we can now burn biomass clean, and hemp burns cleaner than wood anyway so just having hemp replace coal would be a huge benefit to the world in helping the climate, then replacing oil, goodbye nuclear and hello revolution. Unfortunately there are lot of people counter productive to how hemp can replace fossil fuels, some are trying to get limited business legalized with cannabis and not end prohibition! So we have solutions, we need people to share truth and care!

    The full documentary will be for sale and longer than an hour and a half, if you look at it, I worked very hard on everything. My computer was crashing trying to finish the release in 1080HD and I got Overpriced on YouTube on December 30, 2016. Since so many are into stealing I don't imagine a whole lot of people will buy the 4k version, students spend thousands of dollars on their education and one documentary provides useful information the schools obviously did not. Schools downplay a vegan diet all this time meat causes cancer. Some media are invested in the meat industry so there people with conflicts of interest against cannabis being cheap there is a lot of fraud. The Mafia and organized crime don't want cannabis to be cheaper than meat, gangs don't want more business and cheaper prices. So many problems could be solved if cannabis was cheap and not suppressed. We need everyone's support who will listen to help end cannabis prohibition, certainty too many people ignore how everyone can be free to grow weed.
    Overpriced (2016) - IMDb
    Some people still believe in myths proven wrong in Overpriced, myths about cannabis being dangerous, collapse, I mean Michael Ruppert who was in the movie Collapse committed suicide, that's a big sign we need to care about the truth movement so hemp can replace fossil fuels, we can save lives even by sharing truth! Overpriced could save a lot of lives, the oil industry is going to keep growing, we have an urgent need to allow Hemp to replace fossil fuels. The movie Before the Flood promotes a carbon tax, Canada has a carbon tax now. Overpriced exposes how thew carbon tax is a scam!
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    As a member/supporter of NORML for several decades I can only respond with a great big...

    "Good Luck" with this effort....

    I believe the primary opposition to any kind of 'renewables' is the 'loss of control' now maintained over us all by the fossil fuel industry. TPTB will fight till the death for their right to enslave us....

    If humans were suddenly allowed to start 'growing their own' fuel or just pick up a truckload of biomass at a local farm, the Coal and Gas Polluters and Profiteers would be forced to find other way to screw you and me....
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