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  1. oh, nevermind. those alerts were from april. hope you're work is progressing well.
  2. Just realized my inbox was full and you were trying to message me. Alerts had been going to my spam folder and I didn't see them. My apologies.
  3. Finally figured out a way to explain to you GEM.
  4. Inbox fixed
  5. You can understand the infinitely finite points better if you refer to the relationship of energy as waves and particles, such as that waves exhibit the behavior of a spectrum and particles a specific manifestation of said spectrum.
  6. No worries. This is great stuff.
  7. Sorry about the influx of emails.

  8. Was referring to quantum entanglement when I mentioned entangled patterns.

  9. Make sure your inbox is clear, I'll be back to elaborate on our correspondence in a bit.

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