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Thread: YouTube: A North Korean tale of Friendship | Alessandro Ford | TEDxUHasselt

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    YouTube: A North Korean tale of Friendship | Alessandro Ford | TEDxUHasselt

    This talk is insightful about perspective, curiosity, adventure, destiny, fate, individuality, humanity, and - most importantly - the challenges we face to reach the decisions we make in life. I'd like to invite & encourage people to express their thoughts after watching the video. There is no right or wrong response & it doesn't have to be a long or short response, but I would like to ask you just to consider trying not to look through only a certain lens or blinders, such as for political analysis of the talk. You're free to make a political analysis if you wish, but in that case I might decide to express my disagreements (or agreements), in response.

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    It was always strange to me why north Korea is under embargo..... if socialism is so bad why implement more sanction? why not just let it collapse?

    remember that sanctions are basically a deceleration of war because they can devastate any country even the u.s.

    But when the economy of north Korea or Venezuela is bad we say its because of socialism and not sanctions!!?? very strange.
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