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Thread: Memory

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    I forgot where we were discussing memory but this popped up in the news so I thought I would post it.

    Hack your brain to remember almost anything -

    The reigning World Memory Champion, Alex Mullen, can memorize the order of a deck of cards in 17 seconds. But in some ways, he's just as forgetful as the rest of us.

    "I still forget plenty of basic things, like where I left my keys," said Mullen

    Memory athletes such as Mullen can remember hundreds or even thousands of random words, numbers and images -- a feat that may seem unbelievable to onlookers. But according to a study published today, anyone can train their brain using the same tricks as the world's top competitors, reshaping their brain's networks in the process.

    So he still forgets his keys, which means he's no smarter than the rest of us... only that he's learned a "parlor trick" for memorization.

    It begs the question of exactly what is intelligence. Is it brute-force mental gymnastics or a collection of tricks? Similarly, is the strongman the strongest man or is it the man with the biggest machine? Does it matter? Also, is it the same as someone who managed to cheat and get a perfect SAT score compared to someone who got it honestly? Is it cheating to use a calculator or notes? Is it smarter to cheat and use tricks or is it smarter to be talented?
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    If you ever play any type of RPG, you will notice that 'memory' and 'intelligence' are two different variables. :-)

    Intelligence is the ability to use information.

    Generally you might say, the more information the better, but sometimes that can make things more difficult to see the wood for the trees as the saying goes:

    I tend to if I can, gain just enough information to make an intelligent stab at the answer, or road to travel, and then pick up more information along the way, as a means to get a clearer overall view of the problem and not get bogged down into details that say you can't do this or that.

    Or you could say, I blindly stumble along and figure it out as I go. :-)

    I believe there is an engineering term for that nowadays..

    As they can build bridges that way, you build the part each end, before you have figured out the design for the middle.

    Actually, I was reading the other day, that mobile phone companies do the exact same thing, but don't always finish the design..

    It can also help to have a plastic mind, or at least, to try and keep your mind open a crack to new ideas, without totally leaving everything behind you know to be true:

    Intelligence has also been thought of as the ability to link distant objects together, which probably means there are not strong connections to neurons, and the person has the ability to change their mind easily, should facts present themselves accordingly.

    So for example, someone without that ability when trying to think of an improved wheel, might imagine a bigger wheel, or a smaller wheel, or maybe a spherical wheel, where as someone with the ability to link distant objects, might imagine flying instead.

    P.S. I find it helps to use technology to remember as much as possible, then it free's up space in your head for the really important things, rather than what my shopping list should be this week. :-)

    After all, our brains do not have infinite storage capacity. :-)

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