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Thread: The Stefan Syndrome

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    The Stefan Syndrome

    I'm calling it the Stefan Syndrome. It's the inability to understand the content being conveyed so the best approach is to talk about what you understand and take the point being made in a totally different direction. This approach takes the focus away from the actual importance of what may be being said. A simple example of this would be along the lines of: The sky is blue because of factors x,y,z. Someone suffering from Stefan Syndrome would reply with, 'that may be true but I've seen the sky grey, red and black so are you saying…'.

    This approach in the human condition to win a so called discussion detracts from any solutions to problems trying to be resolved. The following debate show how it goes.
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    Actually TZM DEFINED (the Book) has a section that everyone here should have already read and re-read from time to time ....

    Essay 4 "Logic vs Psychology" .... Find it and READ it...the video and the essay go together very well...
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