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Thread: What are the "flaws" of a NLRBE?

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    What are the "flaws" of a NLRBE?

    I've seen the documentaries and the video series, and I've read the book, and in all of them it's clearly stated that a Resource-Based Economy is "not a Utopia" and "isn't perfect". However, I've yet to see one actual example of a flaw/downside/imperfection to an RBE.

    Don't get me wrong, I'm fully on-board with TZM's ideas, and I'm sure there are flaws like constantly stated. It just seems weird that none of them are actually mentioned.
    It'd be nice to know some examples in case I get in a conversation like "...Yeah, but an RBE isn't a Utopia." "Oh yeah? Why not?" "Because... it has these flaws... that I don't know about..."

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    As a short answer I would say that the 'flaws' would still lie within the Human Being. We would still have our Weaknesses & Failings but I think this time they would be at a lesser rate and with lesser gravity overall. So the Flaws would probably be more of a result from our own Sociobiological aspects of life rather than from the Economic(NLRBE) ones.
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    Yes a species humanity remains the weakest link..and the only one that would/could likely thwart such efforts as coming together....

    Unless and until we find a way to collectively LOVE and appreciate each other, our future doesn't look to bright, despite all the 'wonderful ideas' our companion humans have been advocating, fighting and dying for since we began drawing imaginary Lines In The Sand...

    Does anyone need any further evidence? yeah, the only 'flaws' I've seen in TZM are Human caused.....
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