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Thread: r/K Selection Theory Naturally Opposing TZM/RBE

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    "The stress of nature never ends, but at a certain level still other driving forces originate which put the whip to the creative power of man with a multiplied force... The new relations are detected first by a few (with the finest moral tentacles), afterwards by more, then they are consolidated in rules which begin to push aside the earlier moral code and in the end eliminate it."

    "They who decry the loss of masculinity the loudest, are certain of it in themselves the least."

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    Quote Originally Posted by droneBEE View Post
    Nice post!
    Thanks! That means a lot coming from you

    I was a uniformed wearing member of "Elvis's Army" in Vietnam....we were trained to hate our enemies (slant eyed commies) so they'd be easier to kill, but as it turns out, most of us loved our comrades in arms more.....So that in the end....that was really what we all fought and died for....Each other......
    Yup, that was my understanding. They train you to dehumanize the enemy. If they are not human, then you don't mind killing them.

    What's an Elvis Army?

    In a firefight no one cares a bit about politics or ideology......
    So, were you shot at and you'd shoot back at people? All I can do is imagine that. Any stories you want to tell, I'll definitely read them.

    Wars are always fought to protect and serve the interests of those who don't do the fighting but do find/create the means to profit off the death's and the destruction caused.....
    That sure seems to be the truth.

    As a musician I've been in various Bands over the the last 60 plus years.....but everyone of them since at least the early 70's has had "Fortunate Son" on its set list..including our current one.....Can't go wrong playing some CCR for folks.....Brings smiles all around....
    And probably some skynyrd I bet

    Do you like this song? Any truth to it?

    My musical interests are all over the place. I go from rock to bluegrass to country to metal to rap n back.

    "Ain't it funny how a melody can bring back a memory.... take you to another place and time and completely change your state of mind."

    Only, in my case, a memory brings back a melody... which I sometimes post here

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