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Thread: A quick guide to ignore molyneux trolls

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    Quote Originally Posted by droneBEE View Post
    Well, that's one way of 'seeing' the world.......luckily its not the only way, heh?
    I remember in the late 90s when everyone was snapping up domain names because they knew big companies would pay highly for them. Location, location, location.

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    In terms of the issue of forum moderation, did anyone notice if spam advertisements are being removed recently?

    If they have been, this might give us an indication that there is still a moderator on the job out there, even though they are not responding to my emails.
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    "The stress of nature never ends, but at a certain level still other driving forces originate which put the whip to the creative power of man with a multiplied force... The new relations are detected first by a few (with the finest moral tentacles), afterwards by more, then they are consolidated in rules which begin to push aside the earlier moral code and in the end eliminate it."

    "They who decry the loss of masculinity the loudest, are certain of it in themselves the least."

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    Why is it that we can't add an avatar?
    "The most beautiful thing we can experience is the mysterious. It is the source of all true art and science." - Albert Einstein

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