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Thread: Peter Joseph Stefan Molyneux Debate.

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    -Your majesty, the 99% starving people are about to revolt, since you claim all the lands are your private property which you inherited fair and square from your father King Ivan the Butcher, and forbid starving people to hunt in the forests that you have yet to walk in.
    -Ok then my loyal Butler, its time pull something from the counter-revolutionary bag of tricks and preach the "non-aggression principle", yes, I will do no harm to the commoners that are resigned to die passively, I own everything, and if a commoner initiates violence by trespassing on a royal forest to eat, then I will respond in kind and the commoner shall be hung and disembowelled.
    - A very wise concept your majesty, the "non-aggression principle" shall be preached throughout the land

    if you discount well-being of customers you're out of bussiness; in a free market you gain while other ppl suffer is foundationally incorrect; if we exchange voluntarily we are both better off
    False because "Business" is not a non-hierarchic open and transparent democratic organisation, which means they can easily lie to customers, they can deny and conceal information that shows their products can kill customers. And if they do find their product is hazardous, the monetary system's inherent conflicts of interests means that if they think they can get away with it they may very well feel they ought to keep it secret and confidential(this can also occur in non business institutions/agencies that are hierarchic).
    In addition, the world is not a textbook fantasy land, there are numerous factors that interfere with markets, you can have local monopolies, oligarchic agreements, organized crime makes billions which they use to buy businesses and can even buy private daycare centres for toddlers, theres all sorts of factors that allow business to stay in business even if they are crooked.
    And if thats not enough for you, business can be a disaster for the people that arent even customer and even if they go out of business! If an old tanker/mine is abandoned and about to cause a major environmental disaster that threatens thousands of peoples drinking water after the people who made millions with it are far gone and either swindled someone else into buying it or declared bankruptcy.
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    "the world is not a textbook fantasy land, there are numerous factors that interfere with markets"

    Free Market, Supply and Demand are dependent on Many things. They are seen as describing what exactly happens in the Market. But Humans behave in many different ways therefore creating many types of situations that can affect what really goes on in the Economy so I don't really think it can just be described by an old Hypothesis, Theory.
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    With regard to Stefan, they say if you can't say anything nice, don't say anything. So,,,

    But I think people who are successful at being a youtube personality would absolutely have to be a narcissist (not that there's anything wrong with that). All those guys.. Stefan, Peter Schiff, Alex Jones,, they aren't on air for reproof. They are there to strut about, cockily, while pointing out what is wrong with everyone else. That's what makes them fun to listen to. They don't keep ratings up by being wrong themselves. But to ever engage those sorts would be debate-suicide. There is no way to win.

    I've found Stefan to be hypocritical a time or two.

    In this video:

    At about 58:00, he used the example of a school in New Zealand which had no rules for the basis of his statement that "when you take away external coercion, what you get is not chaos, but spontaneous self-organization." So I went to his forum, excited to jump in and banter, but I found more rules than on any forum I've seen in over a decade of posting online. *Try* to sign up and see what you think The signup process alone is horrible. And once in, your posts are on hold until reviewed by admin. Your posts can be downvoted and censored by democracy, a democracy favored by the admin. Anyone who is different, is squashed. It's not a welcoming environment at all. Not in my opinion.

    As he so often says, "It's immoral!" I think he's hypocritical, not open to correction, and cocksure. Anyone would do well to be forewarned of that combination. Other than that, he is entertaining and thought-provoking. After all, he led me here
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    He's a modern 'cult' leader.....and often...kind of an a hole....but long as you don't place too much faith into him or his thoughts of 'unclear' certainty.....

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