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Thread: Forever Military

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    In the future of my current idealistic society (realistic with the added notion that we are capable of traveling faster than light).

    We will establish as large and as powerful a military as possible, conquer all worlds in the name of liberty (conversion into a NLRBE etc), if it can be done without the use of combative force rather be able to physically manipulate the forces into adapting to our will, we will do so, otherwise, we will use every ounce of force we can muster to conquer worldly oppositions and defeat any opposition, protect the people and in doing so protect the empire of good.

    Evil is strong when the good is weak.

    In relation to our own world should such a force of good come to our world here are some scenario's how it would play out (this force is far greater in strength than our world).

    1. The empire would contact the world and notify the people to cooperate peacefully, from there the empire's forces will relocate the population to an already established homeworld while the previous world is retrofitted to accommodate the previous occupants under the empire's standards, should it be within the locational standards of the empire, otherwise, a base will be established in the world to convert the ecosystem and biosphere to imperial standards, should conscious beings evolve on the planet they too will be retrieved by the empire to be relocated to a new homeworld as was done with the previous generation of occupants.

    2. The empire contacts the world and offers a request to cooperate, a demand to surrender will be placed if they reject the offer and establish opposition, if they surrender option 1 will commence otherwise the objective will be to eliminate the ability of the opposition to be hostile to the point where they can be controlled upon which option 1 will be taken into effect by forcing the world to adapt to imperial standards.

    Forcing the world to adapt to imperial standards could mean many things, by example, it could be that we eliminate starvation and the monetary system on the given world should that be an issue, to educating the population to be accustom to the new standard they are to participate in.

    Essentially everything the empire deems a problem (as we do today regarding our world and it's people) it will fix through the application of control to meet the standard it sets.

    Such as everyone will be provided access to everything on an egalitarian basis.

    The universe's resources to the universe's people.

    Psychopaths will be quarantined (should it be necessary to protect the people and society) and transformed to be empathic people etc.

    You can only accomplish this if you are stronger than your opposition, hence the need for a military, otherwise you are at their mercy and we all know what happens when evil is dominate (holocaust).

    The world is a war between good and evil a conflict between a dream and a nightmare a battlefield and every battlefield need's it's soldiers, to bring light into the darkness.
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    This alleged "war" between good and evil only exists in our human minds.....and as far as anyone of us knows for certain....only in 'our human' minds.....

    Clearly, no other known species besides humans are capable of having and exercising both good or evil intentions....

    IMHO; There is no evil....there is no good.....There is only good and evil behavior.....only as it is conducted and/or perceived by other humans....

    A common mantra back in my youth 'as a soldier' .....What would happen if the elite had a war and no one showed up?
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    To imply that Good & Evil are something "natural " to our existence would then mean that WE are born naturally with these qualities. I guess this makes sense to those of a Religious persuasion which has its own issues to deal with but how would this make sense in an Evolutionary stand point. How would those with a natural propensity to be Evil survive over those with one for Good? Wouldn't they just kill themselves off while those Communities who hold Good virtues just expand their influence in the World slowly Growing ever more prominent. And so would mean that Today we would be living in a World where the Good conquers all, and thriving in Communities based on these type of virtues.

    I would see these Evil Communities having a Greater Disadvantage in the Evolution of their species compared to their opposite nature. So it would make more sense for Us to evolve to do Good in the World and I believe if given that chance, Most people would accept to live this way. But in an Environment that supports both Good & Evil, we choose what we've learned as being the most advantageous for our own existence. Which reminds me .... is Capitalism even capable of existing under the Mantra of Good Over Evil?? How can it right. But is Capitalism capable of existing under Evil Over Good? Of course and you see it in full display in Our Behavior. So I think we can see Why Evil shouldn't be something natural in us because how would we be able to evolve as a species. But when We Continue to see & learn it All our Lives, then it starts to become more clear on the True Nature of where our Good & Evil behaviors come from.

    And by the way Izon.

    I would Love to see a Movie based on some of what you wrote. Where Different types of Societies 'compete' to see who produces the Best Living Standards for its people. With the Good(NLRBE) prevailing and convincing the World of a utopia not only in their minds but also as part of Their Rights.
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    I'll reply with a greater response later.

    As for the good and evil narrative, this is used to represent those who align themselves with those who are committed to the wellbeing of people and those who are against the wellbeing of people, based on things that represent what is healthy for a being such as us humans.

    The movie narrative that you suggested would be of great interest to me and in my opinion, would make a great film.

    It is the subject of one of the books that I am writing, Utopia & Dystopia world design and engineering, it is a book comparing and contrasting a Natural Law Resource Based Economy and Capitalism under the narrative of maximizing the health, potential, and productivity of the world and it's members.

    Good and evil is not subjective but rather objective when applied to the health, potential and productivity of our species and life respectfully, which is the basis of our being, we can do this through the application of holistic survival and evolution (development & integrity), there are a set of rules that govern the system, I call the system Natural Existential Law & Order (NELO).

    I would also recommend that you read my thread posted here for some basic insights into the workings of an NLRBE.

    "Clarification for NLRBE (using milk)."

    I would also like to suggest that you read the associated discussion I had with Fsir.

    Your thoughts on the matter would be appreciated.
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    My own take is preparation for interstellar travel presupposes intensive cooperation in an intelligent species on such a scale, they must lose the propensity for aggression and competition. By the time we find another alien species we will have lost all compulsion to conquer or subdue them. We will simply accept those of them who wish to join or cooperate with us and disregard the rest. War is too much of a resource drain.
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    Quote Originally Posted by fsir View Post
    My own take is preparation for interstellar travel presupposes intensive cooperation in an intelligent species on such a scale, they must lose the propensity for aggression and competition. By the time we find another alien species we will have lost all compulsion to conquer or subdue them. We will simply accept those of them who wish to join or cooperate with us and disregard the rest. War is too much of a resource drain.
    I will provide a more detailed response later.

    You know it sounds like a great concept in theory, but in practice life is a nightmare and the only way to dream of peace is to have a bigger gun than the monsters that haunt/hunt you.

    If you try to create a society, you must immediately understand that the society is vulnerable to internal and external threats.

    The only way to protect your society and deliver it the security it needs in order to responsibly care for it, you have to ensure that it is stronger than those capable of challenging it so that it has no competitors.

    There could exist an interstellar civilization in space whose sole purpose is to tear apart worlds and gather the people as livestock and sell our children into sex slavery rings.

    You know how you stop such an enemy?

    You conquer him and prevent him from ever existing again.

    You have to be dominate or else you will be dominated.

    Any civilization that doesn't join us is simply a benign tumor with the potential of becoming malignant.

    Just like with the real world equivalent, we must control and eliminate the tumor by assimilating it and forcing it to adapt to our terms and conditions (healthy) and annihilate it through treatment should it become malignant.

    To join with us you must adhere to imperial standards by accepting the imperial constitution and thereby become a member of the empire.

    Life is a food chain, and if you want to ensure the world is governed and policed by your law's you have to the power to enforce the order of your authority.

    Don't want people killing each other?

    Make a law that killing is illegal and then order the world to reflect said law.

    We have to be as strong as possible to ensure that we are the law and order, not the nazis or the capitalists.
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