Technology, human rights, & movement building around the world.

This Tuesday, June 4, 2013, Chris from the Sentinel ProjectThe Sentinel Project for Genocide Prevention will introduce the principles needed to successfully incorporate technology into a campaign, drawing on mini case studies such as Kenya, Iran and the Arab Spring. Whether you work in human rights or not, the event will challenge you to think differently about your work and help you to be more aware of the variety of ways that technology is being used for different causes.
Technology, human rights & movement building around the world - Toronto Net Tuesday (aka NetSquared Toronto) (Toronto, ON) - Meetup

Who should attend?

Nonprofits, charities, and social enterprises that want to incorporate technology into their campaigns
Professionals, students, or activists who currently work in (or want to work in) human rights, development, or journalism and want to better understand the role of technology

This event will be live streamed, so you can attend no matter where you are.
5:30 pm EST:
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