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Thread: I am looking to connect more...

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    Lightbulb I am looking to connect more...

    Hi Guys, I am just wondering if any of you are using I am hoping to steer away from the advertising based social networking and connect more securely with friends and future friends (I am meaning you that is reading this! ) on an easy and basic platform. For more private connections I do use an encryption based email account and Jitsi for video calling etc but I am just meaning an "ease of access" platform.

    I have also installed team speak but I can't see that being overly secure.

    What can you recommend for me? (General "Connecting me with more like minded people")

    Thank you in advance!

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    Check out Diaspora, a distributed social network designed with your privacy in mind, with a large activist user-base. If you want to go even more private there's always Retroshare, which is completely peer-to-peer based on a public-key network of trust, but doesn't have as many users - it's slightly redundant if you use Diaspora and Jitsi anyway.

    The TZM Subreddit can be pretty good for discussions, and of course Reddit has a nice low bar to participation, not even requiring an email address. Following even further down that line is 8chan, a recent sort of 4chan-reddit hybrid where you can create your own anonymity-friendly discussion board for free, but of course that means that like those sites it is full of the best and worst humanity has to offer in typical proportions, with even less censorship, so you have to wade through sh!t to find the right boards. Free speech in action. No TZM board there specifically, but some anarchist, technology & futurism stuff. Among all the support boards there's even one for poor/homeless living advice :'(

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