This is another example of how a person makes personal changes when he/she wakes up because TZM understanding.

59-year old David Wayne, degreed electrical engineer, master certified marine and radio technician, scuba divemaster and sailboat owner, didn't start out with intentions to make a difference, he just got fed up. It started with his introduction to The Zeitgeist Movement (TZM) in 2008 by way of its first two films, his subsequent catharsis over time with its related knowledge and understandings, and culminated this past weekend, with David pulling into his mooring just west of Regatta Pointe Marina, Palmetto FL on his vintage Island Packet 31-foot sailboat, freshly wrapped with bold end-to-end TZM graphics and name to match: Zeitgeist Ambassador.

Read it here: Zeitgeist Movement Advocate to World Boldly: "It Makes Sense." -

TZM boat.jpg