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Thread: Official Websites of TZM

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    Official Websites of TZM

    Official Websites of The Zeitgeist Movement:

    Global Chapters
    Official Blog
    Official Forum
    Zeitgeist Media Project:
    ZeitNews Technology:
    Zeitgeist Day Global:
    Zeitgeist Media Festival:
    Global Redesign Institute:
    TZM Social Network:
    TZM Global on Twitter:!/tzmglobal
    TZM Global on Facebook:
    TZM Global Youtube:

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    I have not been able to access for many months now and I can find no information on the internet as to why that is. I have tried using IE, Chrome and Firefox. I saw one post on the Zeitgeist Movement Facebook page in relation to the issue as well but there was no response. Please tell me why. I live in the United States. Is it being blocked? Is there no money to keep it going? Does anyone care? Help.

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    I think the Zeitnews has been condensed onto the main website under a tab. Doing pretty much the same thing. It looks so far primarily related to articles written on Singularity. Makes sense since Federico Pistono is associated with them.

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