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Thread: Greek Chapter's Announcement Regarding the Greek Referendum

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    Greek Chapter's Announcement Regarding the Greek Referendum

    "If you desperately try to promote something, even if it's scientifically legitimate, you will probably sound like a salesman." - Tio, 'Harmful Thinking', TVP Magazine (Issue 8)

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    Opt out, spread the pain, revise and replace.
    Sorry but the rest, still Greek ta' me.
    Everything Is Possible. Nothing Is True.
    (ψ = Σanψn)
    What do you know when the time is up and the door to the box is opened?
    It is not the consciousness of men that determines their existence, but their social existence that determines their consciousness.

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    It's so sad to see the Citizens who have to suffer the most in these Stupid financial Games the Rich continue to play. All it does is prevent true social progress from growing & evolving to Higher levels of advancement for all segments of society. And with money still around, it's inevitable that the same problems will continue to exist because these problems are also money making opportunities for others.

    I'm glad to see that you are also trying to educate these people. It's the only way we have a chance to break away from this financial Circus repetition. Too much unawareness and not enough Education. I hope they can wake up and realize that money is all a Game that the Rich love to play.

    Thanks for sharing.

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