The GCA (Global Chapters Administration) needs volunteers to help out with the tasks of Chapters Support and E-mail Response. Each volunteer is analyzed on a per-case basis depending on the task that he/she will undertakes. (see more info on tasks below)

Every single task is "Negotiable" and you only need contribute the time you agree to. (minimum 5 hours per week)

The Minimum Requirements are:

- Preferably 1 year of experience in the movement as a chapter coordinator or project manager;
- History of good conduct with the community.
- Not heading any NGO (Non Government Organization) & GO (Government Organization)
Willing to contribute at least 5 hours per week.
(it is also recommended for volunteers to take this as a fully dedicated role)

What does the GCA ?

The purpose of the Global Chapters Administration is to facilitate development and maintenance of TZM Chapters all over the world by actively administering & supporting the Chapters Portal and Country Chapters.

The work that the GCA does can be categorized in 4 major areas:

1. Internal team maintenance & development:
Organizing internal meetings; putting forward short term objectives; allocating tasks to members; improving internal procedures; handling new volunteers, etc.

2. Chapters Support:
Guiding and assisting development of new chapters or existent chapters with issues; reviewing national chapters; handling complaints; mediating conflicts; documenting chapter activity to improve best practices over time; facilitating international meetings; maintaining tzmchapters portal site, etc.

3. Development
Developing tools for chapters; improving chapter's guide with best practices; providing support for other movement projects of interest; planning and coordinating global campaigns

4. Social Interactions
Managing email inboxes and answering general emails; developing template responses for common questions; establishing & maintaining active communications with other international teams such as the linguistics or lecture team; preparing regular email updates for chapters; teamspeak support; handling social media announcements, etc

Please e-mail us :

GCA Team

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