Hi all

I'm IF

I'm fed up with how this empire is being mismanaged, and am ready to stand up and try to make a change.

I need your help.

My friends around the world and I want to make a brand new start, dismissing the old ways and bringing in a new, more sustainable and equitable way of living, one country at a time.

I'm from Ireland, and feel that here is a very good place to start.
We're a neutral country, so have never been seen as a threat to anybody.
We are a rock in the Atlantic, with masses of renewable energy available to us if only we'd just invest in harvesting it.
We can feed ourselves extremely well.
We are on the verge of having massive austerity measures inflicted upon us, and may welcome the dissolution of the old regime.

We've just gotten started creating a manifesto for a new political party, which we hope will have a chance to peacefully take control of the country and end the tyranny.

You'll find the bare bones of the manifesto here

We'd like your input, as well as the input of a number of other groups whose ideals resonate with our own, to polish this manifesto.

We'll also need tons of support to get the party off the ground and into power.
Should we get to power, we'll then need your help to monitor and guide our progress, creating a new template for the world.

Thanks for reading, and thanks in advance for your input