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Thread: Tech proposal: Flying wireless stations

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    Lightbulb Tech proposal: Flying wireless stations


    This proposal is a challenging one to execute and I do not currently have sufficient technical expertise to pull it off. Aviation is said to be the least forgiving of the engineering disciplines. All critique of the feasibility is welcome. The execution requires buying stuff and building stuff. If either of those is incompatible with your approach to activism, please focus on the Predicted benefits section. Any knowledge about how laws would perceive a flying machine like this are also welcome.

    Nutshell version:
    Make a flying Raspberry Pi to provide Web access and surveillance of the police during, for example, protests, peaceful occupations and everyday life in accordance with the concepts of abundance and keeping activities peaceful.

    For example, during the Occupy Wall Street protests, laptops and a wireless router were confiscated and rid of their functionality. Beautiful Daze: Why did police destroy computers at Occupy Wall Street?

    I see it as sensible to try and mitigate the damage caused by this mechanism of oppression.
    Having wireless Internet available on the run is valuable in many life situations.

    Predicted benefits to the Zeitgeist Movement:

    • Wireless Internet connection availability during socially conscious street work with reduced risk of damage to the infrastructure providing it.
    • An immediate answer and inspirational implementation to the question: "What concrete steps is the movement actually taking?"
    • Surveillance to keep force-using authorities in line. They appear to refrain from unnecessary violence if they feel they can be held accountable for their actions.

    ... and other uses you may find for a flying machine equipped with vision. The Pi is compatible with many different devices.

    *** Edit - added links

    The New York Times have expressed their support for using drones to document violence:

    Hack-a-day article about the Pi in the sky:

    Search Results quadcopter raspberry pi

    *** Edit #2

    July 6th, 2014.

    Finished repairing the 3D printer. Not sure what made it gobble up the printing surface material into the extruder.

    *** End of edits

    If there is demand to expand on this idea, please mention that in a reply as well. I will edit this post as I find answers.
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    Sounds cheesy, will make work a lot easier.

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